Adha Eid

Afra Re-launch

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Afra Mall is the first Mall in Sudan. AFRA MALL has been first launched in 2004. And it has Re-launched in August 2013. The big re-launch festival start in 1st December 2013 and for one month people enjoy a lot of different activates.

The festival idea was about AFRA slogan (Shopping, Life Style, & Entertainment). The Festival was in four weeks each week has its own theme with different decorations and activities.

First week was about Afra, including different activities like acrobat, comedian band, Amjad Shakir Band, kid’s folklore dance, and different other activities.

First week was supposed to describe AFRA in a simple way with AFRA main color (BLUE) which is the corporative color of Afra Mall. All the decoration and lighting inside and outside the mall was in BLUE.

In second week Afra Mall added corners which are explaining the LIFE STYLE (Center piece decoration corner, Car show & Food around the world corner). Afra in this week was wearing the (GREEN) which is describing the LIFE STYLE in the logo.

SHOPPING was the theme of the third week.

Afra Mall was decorated in a (YELLOW).

Trivia was also part of the program during the whole month.

ENTERTAINMENT week was full of activates.

In this week there were two main celebration days (Christmas day and the New Year Day).