1. Question 1

    How many shops in Afra Mall?

    98 Shops.

  2. Question 2

    What kind of entertainment Afra Mall has?

    Bowling, Ice-skating, Kids games, Cinema

  3. Question 3

    What is new in Afra Mall?

    Afra Bazaar, & the Ice Rink

  4. Question 4

    Where is Afra Bazaar?

    In the Lower Ground Floor

  5. Question 5

    Is there a beauty saloon in Afra Mall?

    Yes, Royal Palm located in the lower ground floor.

  6. Question 6

    How many floors in Afra Mall?

    3 Floors

  7. Question 7

    When was Afra Mall Re-launched?

    August 2013

  8. Question 8

    How many Parking areas Afra Mall Has?

    Two, the front parking, and the 2nd Parking behind the Mall

  9. Question 9

    From where I can receive Afra Mall gifts coupons?

    The Mall Offices, located in the lower ground floor